RPS instructed for top end residential management

The RPS team are delighted to announce their property management appointment of the new Meritas Court residential scheme in Bayswater.

The development by Seahorse International through the managment team at Meritas consists of 15 high quality apartments from 1 bed, duplexes and the top end 5 bed suites. Investors and owners are coming from Oman, Maylasia and Hong Kong and have been particularly pleased with the hands-on management that RPS offers together with our additional ‘Residential Services’ providing a shopping list of services tailored for investors and owners that are based overseas.

This instruction expands RPS’s involvement with Meritas who find our three stage approach of finance, risk management and communication suites their requirements. If you have a similar need for quality management of your commercial, residential or industrial properties then we would be delighted to help.

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