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The RPS Top 10 Estate Management Tips

Behind a well run and organised estate is a proactive management with financial control and a professional team who communicate well with their client and tenants. So here is a summary of how RPS Ltd management their clients estates; 1. Employ … Continue reading

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How to get your lease break option wrong…again!

Tenants continue to find ways to make costly mistakes when exercising their lease break options and here’s another example; A tenant intended to exercise a break option contained in its Thames Valley office lease but incorrectly served the notice on a previous … Continue reading

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Thinking About Giving ‘Consent in Principle’? Think Again..

Although the pressure to get deals done for tenants wishing to take occupation of vacant property’s is high. With the pressure coming from both the tenant and the landlord who is keen to see the rental coming in, agents can … Continue reading

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