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We think we may have trespassers on our property. What can we do?

Trespass to land occurs where a person directly enters upon another’s land without permission, or remains upon the land, or places or projects any object upon the land. Trespass is not currently a criminal act (legal duty owed to and … Continue reading

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Q; What Protection do the words ‘Without Prejudice’ Provide?

A; “Without Prejudice” documents (which are also “Privileged” documents) are those documents that relate to all negotiations genuinely aimed at a settlement between the parties. Any communications which are intended to be part of a genuine settlement attempt should be … Continue reading

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How to Object to, or Support, a Planning Application

Anyone is entitled to object to any planning application. Equally you may wish to lend your support and every planning application is considered and determined having regard to the Development Plan and any other material considerations. The Development Plan includes … Continue reading

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What does ‘Subject to Contract’ mean?

Contracts are an important part of business life. They establish agreements between you and your employees, landlords or tenants, suppliers, customers and with other businesses. ‘subject to Contract’ words are often used on documents exchanged by parties during contract negotiations. They intend … Continue reading

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